About Us

Company Name: Safety Innovation Co., Ltd. (SIL)

Head Office Address
1-10-20-4, Kanamori, Machida, Tokyo 194-0012, JAPAN
Managing Director Ichitaro Sato
覚悟の瞬間 株式会社セーフティイノベーション 佐藤市太郎
Bank of Account
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Features of our company
A group of engineers with expertise in functional safety certification and experience of design and development (hardware and software)

→ Well acquainted with technology and job sites.

A group of personnel with abundant achievement

→ Effective use of a lot of knowledge, experiences in a wide range and technical sensibilities.

Proposal of design and development process of high efficiency and high quality

→ Know-how of shortening of development period (time-to-market reduction)

Reasonable cost for clients

→ Cost flexibility (minimization of investment)