Description of services

  • Consulting on functional safety and support for the certification obtainment.
    • Design support for functional safety certificate--Lecture of technical support for design/practice, SW/HW technical discussion, support for making documentation, internal assesment, support for other task for certification

  • Consulting for prototype production and evaluation of industrial machinery and electronic equipment.
    • Design and technical support for SW/HW, consulting on project management and quality management system.
  • Translation, interpretation and training, and also materializing and sales of tools relating to the above-mentioned services.

Certification support and consulting results

  • Consulting results
    • Product certification– 7 models
    • Company certification –1 company ( first certification as Japanese comany)
  • On-going consulting
    • Supporting 4 companies
    • Supporting 5 products
  • Held lecture of functional safety & technical discussion
    • 4 companies


We introduced an example of FS certification obtainment at a seminar on functional safety organized by TIIS, a public interest incorporated association.