”Functional Safety” is a concept to achieve safety and security for the society by using the state-of-the-art technology which enables us to avoid the accidents caused by various industrial machineries. Based upon the above concept, functional safety standard, IEC61508 was revised in 2010 (second edition). The conformity with it has been expanding worldwide irrespective of countries and industrial fields.
Various applications and product standards on functional safety are enacted in the industrial machinery and in other fields under IEC61508 as a principle standard. Conforming to them, safety design and development of products has been undergoing. Nonconformity with these standards is making it difficult for the companies to put their products on the EU and other markets.

Apart from this, functional safety should not be taken as a mere conformity with regulations or standards by law but it is better to be considered as a responsibility and an obligation of companies. In addition to that, it has economical rationality. In fact, in the companies which are carrying out business with functional safety, outstanding results come out from a viewpoint of the time-to-market and reliability improvement such as;
・reduction of rework during the design and development of the products.
・decrease in the initial failure rate when putting the product on the market.
The achievement of functional safety means the development of corporate culture of safety and security. The strong leadership of top management about safety and security is a key to success. Also required are close communication in the company, common understanding shared by employees about the importance of functional safety, and techniques and measures for the achievement.
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